What to Expect During a Home Euthanasia


Saying goodbye to a beloved pet friend can be one of the hardest things you do.  Our goal is to make everything as peaceful and low-stress as possible for both your family and your pet.  One way to ease your worries and concerns is to have an understanding of the euthanasia process.  

At the scheduled appointment time window, Dr. Kate and also sometimes an assistant, will arrive at your home.  We will discuss your pet's condition, address your concerns, and answer any questions you may have.  We will also have some brief paperwork to complete.  An appointment will typically last somewhere between 45 minutes to an hour, sometimes a little longer.  Please feel welcome to choose and create the environment you feel is best.  This time is all about the comfort of you, your family, and your furry friend.    

Your friend may be in their favorite resting spot, on the floor, or on their bed, or couch, really anywhere they are most comfortable and content.  It is completely up to you whether you want to be right there, or if you would like to step out at any time.  A medicine will be given under the skin to allow your pet to become relaxed and quite sleepy.  Whatever time and medicine your pet needs to become adequately relaxed will be granted to them.


Once your pet is comfortable and peaceful, the final euthanasia medicine will be given, which will allow your pet to pass away peacefully.  


If you would like, we can make you a paw print keepsake.  


For body care, we offer service to respectfully remove your pet's body from your home and provide cremation at Forever Friends Pet Cremation Services in Green Bay.    Please see more information about cremation options under Services and Fees.  Alternatively, you may elect to take care of after-care arrangements on your own. 

There is nothing like staying home for real comfort.

- Jane Austen