Services and Fees

Service Area

Circle of Life serves the communities of the greater Green Bay area, including: Abrams, Allouez, Ashwaubenon, Bellevue, Brookside, Chase, Coleman, DePere, Gillett, Hobart, Howard, Krakow, Little Suamico, Marinette, Oconto, Oconto Falls, Oneida, Peshtigo, Pulaski, and Suamico.

Travel beyond these areas may be possible, depending on availability, and will incur an additional travel fee.

It may be difficult to plan for the timing of your pet's euthanasia.  We are used to responding to requests within a day or two, and hope to accommodate you whenever possible.  If your pet's illness progresses to an emergency, please keep on hand information for the local emergency clinics.  Phone calls are returned during regular business hours, 9am to 6pm Monday through Friday.  Weekend appointments need to be made ahead of time. 


Please, if your pet is experiencing an emergency, do contact one of the area emergency clinics for help.

Home Visit and Euthanasia         $235


Dr. Kate will come to your home and provide a pain-relieving and sedative medication, followed by a medication that will allow your pet to peacefully pass away.  If you would like, a keepsake paw print can be made.  Please Contact Us to book an appointment.


In addition to the euthanasia veterinary services, we offer cremation service.  If you choose this option, Circle of Life for Pets will arrange for cremation of your pet at Forever Friends Pet Cremation Services in Green Bay.  

Alternatively, you may elect to take care of after-care arrangements on your own.  Please be aware of the safety issues involved if you are choosing to bury your pet at home.  Please check this link on burial information regarding risks to wildlife and the environment.  

  • Group Cremation     

    • No ashes are returned; your pet's body will be removed from your home and they will be respectfully communally cremated, then scattered on open land.

    • Under 25#     $65

    • 25-65#           $90

    • 65-100#         $150

    • 100-120#       $180

  • Individual Cremation

    • Your pet's remains will be kept separate from those of other pets present within the cremation chamber, allowing them to be returned to you.  We will let you know when your pet is able to be brought home from Forever Friends.    

    • ​Under 25#     $120​

    • 25-65#           $180

    • 65-100#         $210

    • 100-120#       $250

  • Private Cremation

    • Your pet will be completely alone within the cremation chamber​, and the remains will be returned to you. We will let you know when your pet is able to be brought home from Forever Friends. 

    • ​Under 25#     $250

    • 25-65#           $295

    • 65-100#         $325

    • 100-120#       $375


  • Forever Friends Pet Cremation Urns and Memorial Items

    • For Individual and Private cremation options, remains are returned in a velvet keepsake container.  If you would like to browse other memorial items, please follow the link above.  We are able to order them for you along with your service, or you may order on your own.​


Home Visit and Quality of Life Consultation                                  $235

This type of visit is valuable if you would like an assessment to focus on your pet's well-being within your home.  During this visit, your pet is observed in their everyday environment, and we are able to provide advice to help you monitor quality of life day by day and ways to provide them support.  We may also provide ideas to discuss with your referring veterinarian regarding medical supportive care.  Please Contact Us to make an appointment.

Please follow this link for helpful resources to help assess and monitor life quality:​ 

Veterinary Spinal Manipulative Therapy and Acupuncture

These special services can help support the nervous system and musculoskeletal system, and provide added pain management to support other therapies.  Please click on this booking link to book this type of appointment, which is performed in a clinic setting.

For active patients, please use this link to our online store for food, medication, supplements, and other supplies. 

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It is not length of life,

but depth of life.

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

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